Interesting Old Documents that may have some connections.
1329 Calendar of Patent Rolls.(PTF File) The following has a reference to NICHOLAS HUGHESMAN de MORVILL
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In the 12th Century Hugh de Morvill was one of the Knights that murdered Thomas O,Becket in Canterbury Cathedral.

The following refer to a MORGAN HUGHESMAN de CHASTELLION.
Looks like he was also one of the bad boys.Check item Dec.10
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The Following is a photocopy of the Wedding records from the Parish of CUDHAM and Downe for year 1794 of ROBERT HUGHESMAN and ANN KNIGHT. Last on the page 35 No 141 Note the By Licence remark and the fact that they signed their name. 10 Sept 1794.
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also from their records (Note the spelling) the following:-
23 Oct 1796 baptism of Elizabeth daughter of Robert and Ann Huseman
25 May 1798 baptism of John son of Robert and Ann Huseman.

Trenscript of the settlement of John Hughesman 11 Feb 1814
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