New Additions and Deletion to the contents of the site
23-08-2010.Marriage of Sarah Bentley (nee Hughesman/Huseman) widow to William Whitehead April 26th 1886

01-06-2010. Photocopy of Marriage records of Robert Hughesman and Ann Knight at Cudham Kent plus dates of two of the children with difference spelling of surname (in the interestind old doc page)

01-06-2010. Update of the Robert Hughesman and Ann Knight

29-05-2010. Update of the Useman Decendants, with maore detail of the Thompson and Clarks connection. It is sadnest that I also included the Death of my daughter Elaine Mercedes aged 46 from leukaemia 17-3-2010 and who is buried in Kaikohe New Zealand.

11-05-2010. New picture of George Henry Hughesman taken 1928 included in the Camberwell gallery. also birth and Birth Certificate numbers with Towns 1839 - 1926 of Hughesmans

6th April 2010 I have now added a further gallery called OHMS. Its just military service pictures from all periods.

Birth, Marriages and Deaths from the Higham Parish Kent. It is interesting in seeing the various changing of the name even within a family, This is mainly due to the fact that a lot of people of that era couldn't read or write, and that the church clerk wrote as it sound.

Marriages from 1853 - 1926 with district, volume amd page numbers, this list was compiled by Roy Brown and Brian Hughesman.

Next to come up is the Birth Certificates 1839 - 1892 also with Vol and Page numbers.

Several new details will be included in the next bookreports (by end of month) including details of the burial of George H hughesman in the Pas-de-Calais in 1918. and a F/L EEG Youseman who died while flying with 617 Dambusters Squadron Nov 1943.

I'm very pleased with the reaction and nice comments on the notice board. I originally thought that it would be me and maybe one other login on, If anybody has any suggestion clean or otherwise to make things more interesting I'm open to all john hughesman